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We have had them for over twenty years. One is laying on my lap snoring as I sit here on the couch and type. They are my favorite breed. Very smart, thus somewhat stubborn. They need to be around people always. Not a dog to be resigned to live forgotten in a yard or kennel. Ours goes in and out a dog door and the yard is over an acre fenced. Beyond the yard is our pasture with goats, deer, turkey. She does not leave the yard without supervision. Don't let Weimars roam unsupervised. They point by instinct and ours loves to point the armadillo that lives in the yard. They will point almost anything. They will be protective, yet not vicious. Very clean dogs.Very good around children. Excellent bird dogs. Ours are family, and live in the house, sleep in our bed, sit on furniture, go on vacations with us....

Until they are beyond two years old, they can be mischevious and chew things. They become very attached to their human family and should not be passed from owner to owner. If you get one, keep it for life.

Please don't get one if it can't be around you. I believe with training they would be fine around cattle. Ours leave other animals alone when we tell her to.

Best dog breed I've ever had and I have had muts, cheasapeke bay retrievers, german shorthaired pointers, and australian cattle dogs.
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