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Here's another thought that I'm sure will rile up a few people here. If the gun I'm shooting has allowed me to practice that much and get that good and the bad guy in front of me has a short range weapon (knife, club metal bar etc.) do I need to kill him? On my worst day at self defense ranges I could keep all six shots inside of a quarter with my Ruger. Knee capping a bad guy no problem. Before anybody starts to inform me you can't shoot accurately when you have Adrenaline in your system keep two things in mind, I've made two different headshots on rattlesnakes about to strike in those type of conditions, and I'm a grouchy old retired night shift nurse who has started IV's in the middle of coding patients who were more dead than alive at 3AM in semi darkness. I'm not superhuman. Both things were a result of enough practice to make what you're doing instinctive.
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