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TKM - there indeed 40 yard 90 degree crossers in sporting - I shot today with a friend and several stations had them - except none were the same. One was a looping chondelle R2L, another was a curving and dropping L2R, yet another was a screamer from R2L and going from high to low - each target was so different that "lead" and trying to "measure" it was a waste of time.

SEE the bird
MOVE the gun to the bird
SHOOT the damn thing
KEEP the gun moving while firing
BREAK the target

Most failures occur because the shooter failed to do number 1, 2, or 4 on a consistent basis

SEEing the bird is not as easy as it sounds, especially in sporting where NO target is the same from station to station. Trying to figure out if it is a standard target or a battue or midi, is it still climbing or starting to fall where you want to break it, are you seeing dome or belly or a transition from one to the other - all of that needs to be determined BEFORE you even call for the bird after looking at one show pair.

We had some today that were black high-looping chondelles - against the sky they were invisible until the sunlight hit them and reflected - by then they were a fast dropping target - not easy.

Skeet would be the best for earning that because the birds ALWAYS travel on the same exact flight line as Zippy mentioned
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