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Originally Posted by azsixshooter
On a side note, I know a guy who was convicted of a felony 20 years ago. He had it expunged or something and got some state waiver that allowed him to get a CPL and buy handguns. Now he said he'll lose that permission since the system is going to federal requirements and they won't honor his agreement with the state or something.
I believe your acquaintance is mistaken.

Regardless of what the laws are in any given state, federal requirements ("prohibited person" and such) is unchanged. All federal firearms regulations are constant and equally applied to all states.

Regardless of what agreement your friend had with the state, in order to buy a gun from a dealer, he had to pass the NICS check. If he can pass the NICS check and buy guns before HB5225 becomes law, he'll be able to buy them after it becomes law.

The repeal of the handgun registration has zero bearing on your friend's circumstance, unless there is something in the bill that rescinds all agreements with felons who's RKBA has been restored.
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