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I brought him home last night. He's a little stressed because his family of 20 or more is not here anymore. He smells my dinosaur all over and is afraid and keeps looking for him. I had my son take him for a day or two and then bring them together for the first time in the park and then bring them home together.

He's much better this morning and pretty much sticks to me. He's going to be fine I think. I met the dam and sire and they both look good but the sire is the biggest pointer I've ever seen. He's all stocky and tall and looks like a champion. The breeder has nice facilities and it's real clean and organized. His paperwork was complete. I got a real good impression of it overall. He's had all his shots but rabies and even came microchipped.

I'll put up some pics in a few days after he settles in some more.
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