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Harness Testing

Please understand that I mostly work with known pure lead. ....

As some of you might know, harness testers can be a bit pricey. As an alternative, I took an "automatic" center punch and lightly ground, rounded and polished the tip. I use a know pure lead sample, punch the lead and then the alloy, in question. I then compare the top of the punch or dimple, with a magnifying glass. If the top of the dimple, on the unknown piece is smaller than the lead, then it's obviously an alloy. ....

Then there is the old Buckskinner trick of scratching with your thumbnail.
Another melt test, is to take a sample know lead piece and unknow alloy and lay them in the bottom of a flat pan and slowly bring it up to temp. In most cases, the lead will melt before the alloy
. I use to do this test three times but now, only need one.

Wash your hands and;
Be Safe !!!
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