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My reloading enthusiasm waxes and wanes as well. Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes it's a chore.
Same here. I load on a Rockchucker. I shoot anywhere from 500 to 1000 rounds a month. I really can't afford to shoot anymore than that. Having the reloading process become a chore helps to keep me from going nuts and going over budget. What works well for me is to reload when I have the time and there's nuttin' else to do......not when I need the rounds. I load more in the winter than I shoot. I prep brass in short periods like between gettin' home from work and eatin' supper, or when the wifey insists on watchin' girly shows on TV that don't interest me. Rainy Sunday afternoons usually net a several boxes of completed ammo. Having a fair amount of brass to do it this way helps also. I believe as of this moment I have about 12000 rounds of handgun ammo in 6 calibers and maybe 500 rounds of rifle ammo in two calibers sittin' ready to go on the shelves. Yesterday when it was rainin' I went upstairs to work some and realized I had no empties left. Guess today I need to take care of that...........
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