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Bowling pins; I have never seen another target that provided the instant feedback of a good shot, and the penalty of a marginal shot like the pins.

2nd chance was just the best fun I've ever had at a match!!!
Trying out the H&K toys at the factory tent on the practice range (think suppressed subgun, and belt fed LMG).

Was it Bang, Clang, Bang? Rifle, shotgun, pistol, and then throw the grenade? I never could get the shotgun slug part to go right.

Kissing the delightful young pinsetters - and wishing for a breath mint. Or was it just watching the short summer attire of the pinsetters.

The conversation at the meal pavilion was always interesting. Hearing the stories that did not make it into print.

Before they put up the plastic barriers for the grandstand I had the person sitting next to me take a good thump to the forehead with a ricochet. Yes there is "some" danger to shooting pins, but less than most other sports.

People drown when swimming, get run over on bikes, become star patients at the orthopedic ward from skiing.........

Typing this makes me think I need to look for a local match.
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