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Gun show find

Friday afternoon I was helping a friend setup a table at a local show. The table next door had a No5 Enfield on it so I had to look. It appears bubba used this as his hunting rifle and he wanted a pretty rifle. The receiver appears to be reblued and the EP marking is very light. I can see it's a FAZ built 5/45, remnants of a FTR mark and a second date of ?/4?. A clear finish was been applied to the wood.

Foreend, mag, bolt and receiver are all #'s matching, good head space with a #2 head. Bore is bright and shinny, correct 800yd backsight. Over all pretty nice, so I ask "how much?" The answer, $625... "oh, that includes this box of ammo" Then I see a steel ammo box, open it to find 800 rounds of .303 FN 174 gr ball ammo, on stripper clips, in bandoleers.

I well be getting more .303 trigger time than expected this year
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