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Cripes...I just tried to order the Pachmayr Gripper grips and it seems like everyone is on back order. I can get them direct from Pachmayr, but that is big $$. I wanted to pay around $25-$28. Not $35+.

180 grain may be less recoil. I'm just not crazy about that bullet weight. I can use .44 Special or .45ACP if I want slow and heavy in a bullet. The 155-165 grain bullets are pretty hot and good self defense loads with decent velocity. The 135 grain should give less recoil due to the lighter bullet. But again, I'm not crazy about that bullet weight either. Might as well use 9MM at that weight. I think the change in grips will solve my recoil problems. At least, I hope so.
Worse case scenario, I can use Winchester PDX-1 in 180 grain for the heavy bullet. I can tell you about how the 135 grain shoots at 20 feet. But my eyes are too old for 50 feet.
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