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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger View Post
They most certainly do not say that in the whole STATE. There are far more counties in NY that are effectively "shall issue" than not.

Unfortunately, many of the largest population centers are a real problem but it's certainly not the entire state. In most of upstate, there is no trouble getting permits.

I have a permit in upstate NY. I have the restriction on it that states "hunting and target." I wrote a letter to the issuing judge and included many LEO references to have the restriction removed. I was denied the removal of the restrictions. The judge stated that he only issues unrestricted permits to retired LEO,and a few other branches, corrections, etc. he stated that he can't issue me an unrestricted permit as "I could then carry in public or to a bar, etc." I have the letter still. Our permits also state right on them that they can be revoked at anytime. This is one of the better counties in the state. You also have to have each handgun put on your permit, so you have to go buy the gun, go to the county office, pay a fee, they put it on your permit, give you a judge-signed coupon and you can go get your gun. In my county this happens on the spot. Many counties make you wait (I've waited weeks) for the judge to sign it plus you must mail the amendment form and wait for it to be mailed back.

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