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My first firearm: Charter Arms .38 SPL.

I still have that gun. Box, sales reciepts, everthing!
It says BULLDOG on the front of the box.
UNDERCOVER on the left side of the box.
3" bbl. MODEL 13831.
Made in Bridgeport, CONN. on, get this, ASYLUM STREET.

The Pachmayr Compac(sp.?) grip works well on this.
But speedloaders, like the HKS, don't like to squeeze in too well.
The gun may be smaller, but I think the grip is available for the larger-frame Charter Arms revolvers.

In your .40 - - - I wonder if 180-gr. ammo might actually give a more pleasant recoil impulse than the 165's.
I'm curious as to how the 135's will feel and where they'll shoot to at 20-50 feet.
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