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Al Den,
Yes as a LEO I can carry a loaded handgun in any state as long as I keep it concealed. The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act is so an officer can carry a firearm out of state for protection purposes only. It should not be displayed or discharged otherwise.The LEOSA does not give me the permission to fire a modern handgun in a state where a permit is required from that state to possess the gun.

My question was shooting the black powder handgun in a recreational / gun range setting in New York state. I was hoping the black powder handgun would be permissible to shoot in New York, where a modern handgun would not. I was hoping that black powder guns were not restricted in New York state. Thanks to this thread I now know that I'll be leaving that pistol at home since it is not one I usually carry concealed.

I'll just go the range with my brother in law in New York and shoot some rifles.
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