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Choice of powder for 32 SW Long

Hi everyone.

I need an advice on this... Should I use Unique or Bullseye?
Caliber is 32 sw long
Gun is a new SW revolver.
Bullet is 90 grains SWC Hornady. I think it´s swagged and soft lead .314.
I want to keep pressures in the 32 sw long range, no need for something more. Barrel not slugged yet.
Recipes I´ve found for cast bullets are 3-3.5 grains of Unique and 2.2-2.5 grains of BE. These are for 95 grains cast bullets (Speer#9).

My concern is about leading.
Wich should foul the barrel the most?.
Wich powder would be inherently better suited?.

Thanks for your replies in advance.
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