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That being said I won't purchase a puppy UNLESS its AKC registered or registerable.
My last 5 GWPs were FDSB registered. Never bothered with AKC, altho the last 3 could have been registered thru them also. Thirty five years ago, AKC would not allow continental breed pups that were 1st or 2nd generation in this country to be registered with them. But these dogs(I had a couple) could be registered FDSB. This is the route that breeders that imported their sires or dams from German stock had to take. Kinda why I have a sour taste in my mouth for AKC. I believe this rule has now been changed. FDSB is still preferred by many bird dog breeders the same way UKC is preferred by many houndsmen. Many breeders of hunting dogs feel that AKC dogs are breed more for show than for the hunt. It is also the registry used most by casual breeders as it is the best known, thus being AKC registered does not always ensure selective breeding(but then, none of the registries do). Altho it does ensure being purebred and there are many great dogs and breeders that are AKC. All 3 registries now require DNA samples to ensure pedigree before posting of titles. Years ago it was dependent on breeders word.

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