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When Heller first came out I said its not going to be a slam dunk. Heller was pretty obvious in its ruling. It is a individual right. A person is entitled to defend themselves using a firearm and that there can be some regulation and that it should not be prohibitive in a person owning a firearm.

These are the same folks that said the Second Amendment did not mean what it said and are still in denial. They are going to have to be beat down by the judicial system and citizens voting till they are in submission. They will always be scheming to take away 2A rights because they don't beleive in individual rights to start with. They see the elite class and the government being the ultimate arbiter of rights and think that people are not smart enough to decide what is best for them.

An example of this was Ann Richards who was the governor of Texas. We the citizens of Texas approved a nonbinding resolution that asked for the right for concealed carry. Ann Richards had vetoed a previous bill for that. She vowed that no such law would pass while she was governor. So we kicked her out of office and sent her packing to do Doritos commercials for a candidate that said he would sign the bill if elected.

The job is not going to get done till the citizens come together and impose their will on the politicians. This is being done in states that are resistant to gun rights for individuals. So even with court decisions we must be vocal about our rights to the politicians and when they refuse to honor the law take them to court and vote them out.
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