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I prefer the tang safety of the earlier M-77 to the Model 70-ish bolt shroud safety of the current M-77 MKII. I do, however, prefer the controlled feed action of the MKII to the older push-feed M-77. It is my opinion that angled front action screw (which pulls the action down AND back into the stock) is a good accuracy feature. The older M-77 featured an adjustable trigger. The current M-77 MKII does not (although, as Art mentioned, the available aftermarket Timney is quite good).

That said, both work fine.

I have seen (and have) Remington rifles that have difficult extraction with some surplus .308, however the Rugers gobble it up without complaint. Though I have never personally experienced a failure of the much-maligned Remington extractor, the Ruger's is a much more confidence inspiring set-up.

My favorite "do-it-all" rifle is a M-77 RSI on which the Gunsite Gunsmithy mounted a 2.75X Burris Scout Scope almost 20 years ago.

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