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Range report for Charter Arms Pitbull

Just got back from the range with my wife. I was hoping the Charter Arms new Pitbull in .40 S&W would be okay for her to use. It isn't. At least, not in the ammo I was using. I had a box of Federal 165 grain FMJ. I figured recoil would be fairly mild. I had fired the same stuff in a SIG P226 and recoil was easy to handle. But the Pitbull is VERY light and doesn't have a hand-filling grip. My wife saw the look on my face and told me "no thanks". I didn't force the issue. The palm of my right had was bright red after only 25 rounds. I packed it back up and put it back in the range bag. I may try it with 135 grain ammo in the future. For now, it stays in the box. As far as reliability it was just fine. No misfires. A couple of times the spring-loaded lip that catches the cartridge rim overrode the rim and it was a bit finicky to get the shell out. But I think that was user incompetence and not the guns fault. I was used to just slapping the extractor rod like with a normal rimmed cartridge. Can't do that with the Pitbull. Once I turned the gun so the barrel was pointed up and just pushed the extractor rod firmly, they all came out with no problem. I notice that Pachmayr makes "Gripper" grips that should fit the Pitbull. I may invest in a set.
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