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Scope doesn't come close to banging my eyebrow. Last time I got smacked was in boot cause they wanted you right up on that rear sight. You had to find out the hard way how close is too close.

Cheek is sitting solid on the mousepad spacer I added to the top. When I get down on it in most comfortable position, I'm looking right down the center of the scope, but I'm too far back, so have to slide head forward to get a good picture, stretches me out. Just due to my physical dimensions vs ideal for this rifle.

The rings have a single cross bolt per ring, and the bolt bottom extends down a bit thru the bottom of ring. Which is why I had to flip the bases around to get the single notch on the bases further back. I did tighten the bolts & allen screws evenly a little at a time.

When I first mounted rings, I felt a sudden give when tightening the rear ring. I thought the bolt threads had stretched. But I popped it off, checked everything on ring, looked ok. I now think it was the burr on rear base being crushed by bottom of ring as I tightened bolt. The burr on rear base was bigger than the one on front base, and at the range the rear ring was the one that got looser.

So that's why I think the machining burrs on bases were the root cause of rings getting loose. I have a background in machining/mechanical design, kick myself for not checking the bases and spotting burrs. I think that I let them slip by because they were supplied by Ruger, so I didn't see them with the same suspicious eye that I did the rings. I should have.

Now that I deburred/chamferred the bases, will see if that theory holds up after next range trip.
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