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Mil Surplus is huge plus for 223

One of the reasons I like military calibers, and own guns for them, is the cheap, high quality brass that happens when the military adopts a cartridge. Military cartridges get adopted for performance reasons, so these cartridges also are excellent performers. I think 99.9% of shooters, with an unlimited supply of ammo with their favorite bullets, and powder, shooting their own guns, would never be able to detect any difference in shooting LC versus Lapua in a blind test where they could not see the head stamps. And half of those that could, would select LC as the ones they thought were better.
Lapua makes excellent cases. Some people insist on only the finest and most consistent, whether it makes a material difference or not.
And, for that 0.1% that compete at top levels, and demand the production consistency of Lapua, great, those are for you!

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