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I enjoyed your post. I think this Ruger American will end up being the preferred economy hunting rifle. I have had good luck with the Simmons Whitetail series of scopes. The big 20X you have is too much for a hunting scope, but nice for shooting groups at 100 yds and farther. From the picture, it looks as though it should work OK in terms of eye relief. You surely wouldn't want it a "couple inches" further back and there are no bases that would make that possible, anyway. Are you getting your cheek down on the comb where it should be? All you need is enough clearance that the scope doesn't bang your eyebrow upon firing. I don't know what kind of rings you are using but I would agree with the suggestion to get a good pair of name-brand rings. When tightening rings, if there are two screws per ring as with the Weavers. Go back and forth between the front and back rings. Snug them up on one ring, then go to the other, and keep going until they are tight. If you tighten a screw on one ring, it will loosen the other, which should then be snugged down equally. Eventually, all screws will be tight, and tightening one screw on a ring will not loosen the other. Then you are finished and the scope will not be moving.
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