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Everyone assumes the barrels are fixed chokes and the probably are that, but I didn't see where anyone told the OP how to tell if they were. You can just ask the seller if they are fixed or not, but it is easy to tell if you look at the muzzle end of the barrel. Assuming they are flush chokes (if extended you would know it takes screw in chokes), you will see 4 little square indentations that the nibs of a choke wrench or the edges of a quarter fit in so as to allow the choke to be screwed in and out.

It could be that the reason for two barrels is it came with a fixed choke barrel and the seller got a newer one that takes remchokes?

If the barrels are fixed, will they say modified or fixed (duh, full) on them?

Should he consider how often he will hunt duck and if not often if you could make do with the more expensive non-toxic ammo?

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