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I've been too busy to take it to the range again, will post up after next trip.

The rings got good reviews on amazon, but due to low cost, I gave them a good exam when they showed up. Including breaking out my calipers for some measurements. Quality looked fine, no taper or out of square, rings measured to each other to about half a thou.

I think the bases caused problem of the ring mounting bolts coming loose. When disassembling everything for cleanup, reassembly with blue loctite, I noticed raised machining burr ridges along the slots, few thousands high:

I didn't see them before cause they were anodized black, but tightened ring bases and recoil vibration took off the black, exposed them. Ridges wouldn't let the rings sit flush, probably allowed them to dance around. Filed the ridges off with a 4" fine file, lightly chamferred the slot corners. Re-examined rings, looked fine. Reassembled everything with loctite, see what happens next range trip.

The bases were supplied with the rifle, my mistake was not inspecting them. I doubt they are made by Ruger, so highly dependent on supplier quality. Should have examined them closely like I did the rings before mounting the scope. Suggest anyone that purchases an American do so.

I actually considered a Vortex, but went with the Simmons in keeping with the low buck theme of this project. The clarity of the scope was fine, relief was only issue I had. And that might not be a problem for someone taller. I had to crane my neck a lot due to my being mismatched to the stock. For all I know, would have same issue with the Vortex. Unless the Vortex had significantly more relief, I'm talking inches. If I could have slid the Simmons back a couple, three inches I'd have no complaint. So perhaps I should have listed that as a negative for me on the stock of the rifle in re getting a good picture, not the scope.

I might check for bases that would allow me to bring the scope back, but don't know how far I could go without bell getting too close to the barrel. Then I'd have to get taller rings, but I'm perfect on eye level now, so I'd have to add more pad for height, etc, etc. If Ruger ultimately offers a youth model with a shorter stock, that would be ideal for me. So for now leaving it as is, will see how it goes next time I can get a trip in. And hope the conditions are better.

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