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Find out how old both parents are and interact with them. Make sure that both parents have good temperaments, if either one is cranky then you have a high probability that the pup will have problems also. If the dogs pedigree is jammed packed full of field titles and hunting titles then generally speaking, not always but generally they make bad house pets because they have so much drive. We cater to the family guy that wants to hunt the family dog so we have found some good combinations that produce dogs with good hunting drive, but behave well and work great as house pets. Of course they also require lots of training. As Hansam suggested no matter what the health and pedigree say it does not guarantee any thing, it just gives the dog the best chance possible.

If you plan on spaying or neutering your dog don't let your vet talk you into doing it as soon as possible. For males do it around a year and for females do it shortly after her first heat cycle.
We have been doing some research on this and we are finding that pups have fewer health issues if you let then develop into adult dogs fully intact. Plus if your dog does have a great pedigree and proves to be one that has more good to pass on than bad it will give you the opportunity to work with a good breeder.

All in all it sound like you have been doing some good homework and on your way to getting a good pup.

Good luck and if you have any questions before you commit to a pup let us know.
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