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Um, as covered by the LEO law, and a loaded BP pistol is a "firearm" at that point, aren't u OK? I'm pretty sure you are. And, it USED to be that posession of a handgun in NY State meant touching it. Needed a permit even though it didn't have to be your gun (a gun shop couldn't let you handle a pistol unless u had a handgun permit). To his rare credit, Democrat Governor/King Cuomo-the-First tried to make posession "control" which meant you could be "supervised" to allow training/shooting/handling with a permit holder. But it failed at the time. Seems like that PASSED at some point since back then and so I think you could ALSO "train" your wife in NYS with anything at all you want to shoot. Probably even in NY City (but I'd give that a miss to be on the safe side).
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