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I have a squirrel, I think it's illegal to have one also but, the little dude has lived with me for years. He likes nuts...alOt!! An occasional treat of Cheetos or a McDonald's French fry is not rejected either. He was raised on a bottle, never expected to survive but several years later still going strong. He's pretty social and likes to wrestle... But... A very sore looser lol
We had one as well when I was a kid. A new born Albino that fell(or ejected by momma?) from the din tree in our front yard.

Dad brought it in , mom fed it with an eyedropper and us kids named him Tippy. It was our house pet for many years. Tippy would go to the front door when it wanted out and come back to the front porch when it wanted back in.

His favorite place to stretch out was across the top of the back of the recliner. He would sleep there and if you were sitting in the recliner he would crawl down and lay around your neck.

Well Tippy got to be probably 4-5 yrs old and one evening was laying on the back of the recliner. We were all watching T.V. and my oldest brother came in, plopped down in the recliner and Tippy, which had never shown any aggression, jumped on brother head and ran circle's around his head biting chunks out of him.
Dad snatched Tippy and squashed his head like a grape...

...moral of the story:

You can't take a wild animal and totally domesticate it.

Getting back on the 'yote' topic, yotes being extremely bad around these parts, I shoot them whenever I get one in the cross hairs. As most of the neighbors do as well.
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