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I have no problem with the guy taking a gun to another person's house to complain. That actually would be the prudent thing to do. Turning the situation around quite a bit, had Rodriguez been killed by a bunch of drunk guys when he went to a party and complained about the noise and it was noted that he had a CHL but did not bring his gun, no doubt we would have thought him stupid for not letting the cops handle it and stupid for leaving the gun at home as he should have known that complaining to the neighbors likely would not be taken very well by the neighbors.
He was stupid to go at all. Thinking that you can reason with a bunch of drunks that are already causing problems is very poor judgment. Thinking that you can brandish a weapon to impose your will upon a bunch of drunks is beyond the pale. He was stupid for not letting the cops handle it, even if he did not like the way they were handling it or making the problem go away fast enough to suit him.
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