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That is good info, and confirms what I heard from other people also. I had him give me a few references and I talked to two of them, who both say their dogs are doing well and they have had no problems with them @ 2 & 3 yrs old. Of course I have no way of knowing if the references were legit or not, but for the moment I'll take it as truth and get to see more when I visit him tonight and pick my dog and talk with him.

I will get to meet both parents today too. I should be able to tell how serious he is by his facilities and the look of all the dogs. He isn't my friend, he was referred to me by a colleague of my son whom he works with and has one of his dogs also.

I'm getting the dog with all papers & everything. I wouldn't think of breeding it myself, but it's nice to know that I could and that the papers help to legitimize the transaction.

It's nice to hear the same exact things from you guys that I heard elsewhere about the breeds temperament. I am going to work with this dog a lot. I live about 3 blocks from a park so he'll get plenty of exercise. My goal at first is to get him interested in his job (training) and get him to where I can walk him without a leash (like my Mastiff will). My Mastiff may give me slight problem, he's a big baby and will want to be included in whatever we're doing.

I'll have some pics up pretty quick of him. Thinking of naming him Riggs.
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