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I've personally never seen a .45ACP become so work hardened that it was unreloadable. Doesn't happen. Annealing these cases is probably not going to help.

Herter's Dies. Wow. Those are old timers. Do you have instructions for them? Your problem has to do with your sizing die not sizing sufficiently and/or your expander die expanding/belling too much. Make sure your sizer is adjusted so that the die touches the top of the shell holder when the shell holder is brought up to the top of the press stroke. Then lower and set the die 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn lower. Screw the expander die into the press until it just touches the shell holder when the shell holder is at the top of the press stroke. The case mouth should be belled just barely enough to accept the the bullet base, no more. Seat and crimp your bulet just enough to remove the bell. No crimp actually needed. OD of the case mouth of a finished round should be about .468"-.470".

Correct bullet diameter for .45ACP is .451" for jacketed and .452" for lead, cast or swaged.

So you just need to fiddle with your dies and get them set right. All else is OK. It is also possible that those old dies are in fact out of spec. Measure and see.
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