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Cannons Anyone???

I am a new member hear, maybe a week now, and I have been "checkin'" out the site. I don't know a "lot of the jargon talk" ya'll speak, but am tryin' to "get it together". I must say that I'm a little surprised that there is no mention of "cannon shooting", I was almost sure that someone here, was into black powder cannons. I got into shooting a cannon back in 1980, when I took a cannon that I had bought in Hong Kong in 1966, when l was there in the Navy, and made it into a "shooter". I did have to "beef it up" a little, by inserting a "liner" made from iron pipe, and I welded a 1 1/2" pipe coupling on the "breech end", to keep it from exploding with a ball in it. I originally had a "cap" on the end, but through experimentation, I found that it wasn't "safe enough" yet for my comfort. So I went to a "plug" and that worked. I shot that for a year or so, and I got "itchy" to make something "bigger" and "badder'. I ended up with a 1" smooth bore. Within a year, I had it fitted with open sights, and at 50 yrds. I could hit a 5" target. [When I get proficient with this site, I can put some pictures of "The Captain", and you can judge for yourself ] Anyhow, that's how I got into Black Powder. It wasn't long before I had purchased a 50 cal Hawkin, 1860 Navy Colt, and an 1858 Remington. Now, after retireing, sold the home, moved into a trailer, and mostly travel, visit grandkids and such, I only have the Remmy with me, and got the "Captain" stored at my nephews. I go to MI once a year to shoot it, and bring back memories. Enough hog wash, just thought I'd ask about other "cannon shooters" in case there were some of ya out here.
See ya in the discussions, Kickin' Mule, back to grazin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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