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[iquote]As added food for thought, in the event of a fire, the rounds that are not chambered are not serious threats but a round that is chambered is a loaded gun in a ghost's hands. In a semi-auto this could result in a cook-off situation involving multiple random shots(in theory, not always the case). If you do keep a round loaded in a firearm that is not attended (put in a safe place but prepared for a defensive situation) be mindful of the muzzle direction and notify any emergency response personnel of this in the event of a fire.[/quote]

My last mission in Afghanistan included an MRAP being hit by an IED and catching fire. All of the guys crawled out (flipped over), and there weapons had to be left inside. Given the theatre, they were all condition one. The two LAWs going off was scary, the mk19 cooking off grenades was a bit more scary, but for me I was really worried about the m16's cooking off. And sure enough they did. Fortunately, by the time the helo landed most of them were cooked off, so after getting the guys to the CCP we just kind of took cover from our own weapons

Anyway, thats a bit out there compared to AR's in the home. It is still a threat, and muzzle orientation is important. If I kept my rifle condition one in the basement or first floor, I would make sure it's facing down. Opposite if it's located in the 2d story of the house. I also maintain this practice while carrying a loaded weapon in the house. What the probability of something happening is, I don't know. However, there is no such thing as being too safe. Personally, I keep my AR condition 3 (mag inserted, bolt forward, no round in the chamber.) while in the house.
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