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Hay the brass frame 58 Remmies is a little stronger than the Colt models. One of the problems with the Colt brass frames is the rear of the cylinders have teeth where the hand uses to rotate the cylinder when you put to much powder in them those teeth dig into the blast shild and turn them into a paper wight. The Remmies aren't like that. The back of the cylinders are flat and smooth and you have the top strap so the Remmie is a little bit more stronger than the Colt brass frame because of that. The Remmie will last a nice long time as long as the powder charges are kepted around 15 to 25 grs. The Colt should last a long time with 15 to 20 gr loads. Hay I wouldn't let the brass frame scare me off or keep me from buying one. People that get them and over load them like they are steel frame models then raise cain cause the gun is all messed up has no one to blame but them self. I like my brass models and they shoot just fine with the lighter loads. They are a lot of fun.

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