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So, I joined back in November 2011. I was supposed to receive a fixed blade knife for signing up. I never got a knife, but I got some check for $12. It said I could be a life member for sending that check back and that was my dues owed. So I sent it back so to be a life member. I was supposed to get some welcome kit. I never received my knife or welcome kit, but got the magazine and some stupid come-on offers for cookbooks and stuff like that. I figured the whole thing was bs. I kept getting these yellow envelopes as the months passed. They said "urgent, open" or something along those lines. I figured it was bs so I never opened them. I finally opened one and it said I owed like $327 and that I was so far overdue, that my life membership was being revoked and they were turning me over to a collection agency. I haven't received any envelopes since and that was like 2 months ago. Anyone else have this problem? Are they actually going to turn me over for money I do not owe? Afterall, I never got any of the stuff they were supposed to send me. I never got any products to test.
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