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The State's opening brief is out (attached).

Let's see if I can sumarize the arguments of the State:
  1. The keeping and carrying of arms in the home is the only thing the 2A stands for. See Heller.
  2. This case is about concealed carry and the Court in Heller expressly upheld such limitations to the right.
  3. Public carry of firearms was heavily restricted from the 14th century onwards.
  4. Heller never recognized a general right to carry.
  5. Maryland's Compelling Interest in safeguarding the public and reducing handgun violence is enough to satisfy any reasonable scrutiny.
  6. Law abiding citizens with guns would become criminals (guns can do this, ya' know?).
  7. If the general public were allowed to carry in public, the streets would run red with blood.
Yup. That about summarizes the arguments.

Hmmm... Didn't we read all of this at District?
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