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Do we have proof of this?

Gun-rights advocates point to such statements as evidence that Fast and Furious was part of a gambit to justify gun control.

But Operation Wide Receiver seems to challenge that assertion. That investigation, based in Tucson during 2006-07, allowed nearly 300 guns to be smuggled into Mexico. The objective, according to federal records: catch cartel kingpins.

Even Dobyns, one of the agents behind, discounts notions that the gun-walking tactic originated in Washington, D.C. He says Fast and Furious was concocted by an Arizona field agent and endorsed by ATF bosses up the line from Phoenix.

"I think it was a ploy at self-glorification," he said. "When the OIG report came out and said, 'Hey, ATF, you're failing miserably,' I think they decided to prove him wrong. They said, 'I'm going to get the big fish, and how do you like me now?' "
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