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Maybe I've met my match

The wife feeds hummingbirds. I feed every other type bird. The sneaky squirrels are often in the feeders eating their weight in what's intended for the birds. So...I have my Marlin 39A by the back door. Lately I've encountered the most evasive squirrel ever. He'll see me watching him through the back window, but the moment I open the back door that squirrel is in Star Trek hyperdrive and heading for the woods (about 40 yards). He actually keeps trees between him and me. I NEVER get a shot at the little SOB. If it was only once that he did that, I wouldn't think it was intentional. This is one smart little rodent that has been trained in evasive maneuvers. I've considered putting up a ladder stand, but my wife would laugh at me and tell the neighbors, so I shelved that idea. I can't go out the front door and work my way around the house because I won't have a shooting lane. I'd be either by by the truck and shooting toward the LP tank or by the LP tank and shooting toward the truck. That's not good. Any ideas from you guys? Maybe one of those sticky mouse trap things would slow the little SOB down. This little guy is GOOD!
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