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I started reloading this year after a winter of reading up on the aspects of reloading.

I started out with a Lee Loadmaster, and what alot of posters have said is true to a degree that it is a tempramental press, but with that said I learned alot about how progressive presses work and in particular how the Lee Loadmaster works.

With a Progressive press you can start out just doing one case at a time untill you get familar with all the aspects of the diffrent stations and what to look for as to correct loading and go on from there.

I love my Loadmaster, yes I tinkered alot with it ( got a scrap bucket with some bad rounds, crushed cases etc.), but that helped me learn about the press, but now it runs really smooth and I can very the rate of how much ammo I want to make in a session.

And yes its an economical press as far as cost goes compared to the other mentioned, and there all very good quality presses mentioned. the Loadmaster will get you quality ammo at a decent starting out price.

For 218 bucks for a progressive full ready to go in the caliber you want its a deal.

Now that I know much more about the press and what I can do with it I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Loadmaster.
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