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No, you're not being pompous're discussing - what you think are the best shotguns to suit your needs. None of us are putting guys down that want to shoot a $ 200 pump gun ...

Enjoying guns ...every time you touch it clean it, shoot it, or part of the fun of having them / and I hope everybody enjoys their guns, regardless of what they cost, every time they take them to the range or the field. I know I do ...and I'm confident you do as well.

When I was younger and raising kids....a few hundred bucks extra was hard to come by .../ and I'm the first to admit --- I have been very fortunate, like you have been, and can afford to buy and shoot what I want these days.

Most of us try to give back a little ...teach a young person to shoot, if you find an active duty military guy at your gun club - pay his fees for him that day ...go out of your way to offer to help a guy with his shooting that is struggling ( don't just tell him / ask him or her - if they'd like some help)...and if they ask, inform them about the guns you're shooting ..and why you bought them ..and why they work for you. I try to do this once in a while at my shotgun clubs...and my handgun ranges ( did it last nite, for a couple of guys at my indoor range )...

you paid good money for all your guns ....and you worked hard for the money ...nothing to be ashamed of / and no reason to feel like someone might think you're pompous because you're sharing what you're doing ...on the Citori 725 or any other gun. Somebody else may be thinking about the 725 series ...and our "banter" might help them on their decision...

I ask a few questions on handguns, etc ...from guys that are more knowledgeable than I am on some platforms...before I buy too...
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