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Negative for Jack Ross

Purchased a half case of 9mm reloads in January, delivered about a month later. Shot fine, so I ordered 2k more of the same, 1k on 3-18, another 1k on 3-26. At time of order, delivery was specified as 30 days. Card was charged at time of orders.

No delivery after 30 days, delivery time on their website changed to 6 weeks. I had plenty of stock, so decided to be patient. After 2 months, started checking the net to see if others were also delayed. Saw plenty of threads about delays, but that company rep was saying they were not going to rush so as to keep quality high. But I also see reports on the net about quality issues, 380 mixed in with 9mm, squibs with 9mm reloads. e.g. post 357:

Started trying to contact them about my orders, first by "contact us" on their website, then to their email, finally by phone. No reply to contact message or email, phone just rang when I called. Finally decided to call my credit card company this morning and have money clawed back. Hated to do that since their story on their website is compelling, family owned company, former military, served in Middle East. But it could have been avoided if the contact message or email had been replied to... or by answering the phone to give me a firm ship date or let me cancel orders, refund my $.

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