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LOL, I was beginning to think that my male GSP was prejudice and racist. Didn't know if one day I was coming home to find he'd joined a hate group or something. Turns out, he just doesn't like anyone or anything dressed in brown or brown the color. UPS can't make a delivery to the house without calling to arrange for someone to get him. And the AA kid in the brown sweatsuit, dang you've never seen a kid pedal that fast in his life.

Oh and he doesn't particularly care for camoflage, he bristles at me when I come home from deer hunting if I'm full camo'd.
Makes one wonder, what experience he had as a pup to turn him against brown? Wonder if he would feel the same way about an all liver female GSP in heat?

Coupla dogs ago I had a GWP that did not like my best friend at all. The hair would go up on his back whenever Dave came around. He never really attacked him, was just always aloof around him and wouldn't come near him. If Dave tried to be friendly, Rufus would just go the opposite direction. One day Dave came over and Rufus acted like they were old friends. This went on for about a year until one day, Dave came over and Rufus would have nuttin' to do with him. I jokingly ask Dave what the hell he was doing different. He said nuttin', but I have taken up smoking again after quitting for a year. From then on it was easy to identify folks that smoked and those than didn't whenever Rufus was around. Somewhere in the dogs past he came to identify the smell of cigarette smoke with something bad. To this day I have no clue.
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