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Bartholmew Roberts: 1. In a place where you have a legal right to be;
2. Have not provoked the fight; and
3. Are not engaged in a crime

then you do not have to retreat in order to claim self-defense... however you still have to show all the elements required for self defense (Something a hypotehtical reasonable person would see as an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury).
I agree with the jury's verdict. And I do not see any problem with the SYG law in Texas. I am disabled myself, and I would never have approached the homeowners regarding the noise. That was a job for the police.

But I oppose any change in the Texas SYG law. A person like me that is disabled, if assaulted even by someone unarmed with their fists is life threatening. I don't think this law will be changed in Texas and I oppose any change in that Texas Law.

I recently heard the NRA president defedning the SYG law on TV, and while I am not a member of the NRA I agree with what I heard him say about it.
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