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I'm of the opinion that it's bad for the firearm. Most receivers now are made of a softer or brittle alloy. Your bolt is heavier and harder steel. When a ctg is designed to squirt out the noisy end with more oomph- so does the casing find their urges to exit the receiver with greater oomph... which cycles the bolt back with greater oomph than for which the rifle was designed to handle much of. Some models such as the Marlin 60 has/had a polymer type buffer, even they crack and fall apart over time.

I'm guessing it's the same reasoning above that made such a commotion with the manufacturers of the .17HMR ammo. A great many of them added warnings to their boxes advising not to fire that ammo in semi auto rifles. I'm also guessing that's why one seldom sees near as many conversion packages to convert .22mags to .17HMR and .22LR to .17 Mach II's.
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