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Big P thanks for the comment on the boy. He and I had a great spring turkey season BTW. Now that gobbler season is over I'm thinking about deer season (again in JUNE!!!) Lots of hot weather between now and when we hunt again, but a guy can dream and scheme. The ag fields are in rotation, this year it will be corn so no real choice in the matter. I did not see a lot of deer there last year when it was in beans, but there may have been other factors.

Warbird, I'm an acorn hunter first and foremost, but can't seem to count on them season to season. Some years we have white oaks, some not. I found this patch of huntable land next to these ag fields 2 yrs ago, and it has really opened up some options. (I've missed one first year, and passed on another the next year).

I do have it made, blessed, fortunate. Big chunk of public land, a long season, some flex in my job/schedule, patient wife, my health, good boy coming up right. Priority of these items varies w/ the season!!!!!
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