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The Italian guns became fashionable right after they won that politically motivated military pistol "competition" as I recall, and started the huge advertising push, and the gun writers of course started fawning over them, as they do anything new. The Remington haters can say whatever they like, but I have been quite satisfied with Remingtons for 49 years, and I have either owned or at least shot ALL of the others as well. I am not saying Beretta hasn't built some nice guns, I just prefer mine. I do not like the Benellis, or any "inertia" action, although they ought to win the marketing academy award. Please explain to me how any of them can reduce recoil purely by the design of the action - and sans the two piece stocks and such - when they require the receiver to move rapidly to the rear to initiate the action.
Actually, the Berettas have been around for about 500 years. In more recent times, their 30X series of gas guns beat the pants off the 1100 - that was about 50 years or so ago, then came the 39X series, and now the A400 series.

Benellis do NOT have less recoil, being an inertia (or blowback design), that isn't happening - but they are reliable with the proper ammo and easy to clean - something the duck hunters seem to love. You do not see them in any serious target competitions
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