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New 223 brass to buy

I could probably look at old threads on this, but I'd rather just get your fresh opinions. I'm going to order some new 223 brass, but haven't decided what to buy. My last purchases of the brass were Nosler and Hornady and both worked out just fine, though I just threw away all the Nosler due to a lot of split necks. I probably reloaded them 6 to 8 times, so maybe they're due to be retired anyway. So now...I'm thinking maybe more Nosler, or maybe go with Norma or Lapua. Lapua cases, per 100, are cheaper than Norma or Nosler and they supposedly have a long reload life. I like the sound of that. Whatever I buy will be shot in a bolt gun and neck sized thereafter. I'd like opinions from the long-time reloaders/shooters on what brass they prefer these days.
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