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Wingman, I used the Hornady 55 gr. SP with canuler bulk bag bullets for this test. You can purchase them for $10.95/100 from Natchez.

I am not sure what was up with the accuracy on this test, as I shot each using a rest. Most grouped into 2" or less but the 28.0gr/450 grouped >3".

I have gotten 5 shot groups with this rifle <1" using different powders, so I must have been having a bad day, the barrel got too hot, or I just can't get 8 shots to group!

Anyway, I think I am going to try the 27.0 gr / CCI 450 load for accuracy this weekend. It is very close in velocity to the 3250 fps that my NIKON M-223 BDR scope is suposed to be calibrated for.

On a side note, I started with a clean barrel for this test. After shooting this test, cleaning the bore was super easy. I use Barnes copper cleaner and with 5 patches, the bore was clean, so at least the "copper erasing" claim by Hodgdon seems to hold up!
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