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Many states honor other states permit/licenses. There are some quirks in reciprocity or how a state may honor another state. If you go to and click on "Create License Map" in the left column a page will come up explaining those quirks in how states honor others.

There are 6 states that honor some or all other states permit/licenses but they will not honor any non residents permits. So you have to be a resident of the state they honor or the permit/license is not valid. Go to the link above if you want to see those quirks in how states honor each other. If you have a question about that click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of that page you go to and ask me your question. Do give me time to get back to you as I have a life that takes me away from my computer for hours if not a day or two at a time. A PM here can take me longer to answer.
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