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Can you recognize incoming fire?

I remembered something from my old Army days and just wanted to throw it out there to you guys.

Do you know what being shot at sounds like?

It is usually different for handguns then it is for rifles but perhaps not for the reasons you think. But if you have ever taken live fire you probably know what I am talking about.

If you ever do get shot at, keep in mind, it's not the "bang bang" that you need to worry about. It's the "zip zing" that does the hurtin'.

This is just more pronounced with rifles then with handguns. The only time I ever took fire was almost by accident. I was in korea and my unit was participating in an exercise. We were setting up our collection system when I noticed these funny zip and zing noises. It took me a few moments listening to connect these odd noises with the extremely common noise of life fire coming from a korean Army rifle range about 800 meters up on a hill. It would seem that some of the Korean marksmen were shooting over the berm and these stray rounds were traveling much closer then what anyone would be comfortable with. I called my team into cover behind our tracked vehicle once I realized what was happening but it does underscore the point.

It's not the bang that does the damage, and being shot doesn't always happen the way you imagin it might.
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