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If a company the size and stature of Remington stops supporting LE it's a BIG deal.
I doubt that Remington or other companies would stop supporting LE or the military. Too much money there. Not only would they loose the actual LE and military users of the firearms, plus they loose the "wannabe" market which is huge. Many people want a certain type/brand of firearm because its what LE/Military uses, so it has to be better, even if there is no difference but the packaging.

My take of the article posted was that Remington may pull out of the NY market, either meaning they will keep the factory there, but refuse to sell firearms in the state, or they would start the process for, and then move to another, more friendly state. When I say more friendly state, I dont mean that it would move just based on firearm laws, but on the entirety of the deal, firearm and tax laws, union issues, plus any subsidies or possibily tax breaks.
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