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Originally Posted by zippy13 View Post
You wonder if they added tracers into the mix just to guarantee an explosion.

It seems some folks have been watching too many "reality TV" shooting shows. Of course, everybody knows, you're a better marksman if you can hit an exploding 12" target than if you center-punch a non-exploding 6" one.
Real skill is hitting a vehicle in the gas-lid and making it explode and launch a fireball 90' in the air... at 100 yards... with a Glock... while smoking a cigarette.

I don't get the Tannerite stuff. It's not that impressive, IMO. I get pleasure and good feedback from 1 gallon milk jugs filled with tap water. It's free, and it's a fun 300-500 yard target for an amateur like myself. There's the added "green" benefit of watering the Cacti and Mesquite bushes in the area.

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